Piano City Milano 2023 „Daydreamer” i Bartek Wąsik

W Mediolanie 20 maja br. o godzinie 19.30 wystąpi Bartek Wąsik.

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Bartek Wąsik

Daydreamer” – Bartek Wąsik plays Radiohead

GENERE: rock, pop

Ex Macello

Viale Molise 62

Ingresso libero fino a esaurimento posti.

AUTORI: Radiohead

In collaborazione con il Consolato Generale della Repubblica di Polonia in Milano.


Bartek Wąsik plays Radiohead „Daydreamer”

Daydreamer is twelve original arrangements of Radiohead songs for solo piano. It is also a personal musical story by Bartek Wąsik – one of Poland’s leading pianists, composer and arranger, an artist who crosses the boundaries of sound. In his latest project, he takes on Radiohead songs to create their surprising, intimate versions.

Daydreamer was born out of a love for the dreamy, trance-like, yet constantly

experimental and always alert to the sounds of our time, music by the band of Greenwood and Yorke. „These songs have been accompanying me for years at crucial moments in my life,” says Bartek Wąsik, „they put me in a light vibration, haunt me and open up a whole world of associations that I wanted to share.”

Daydreamer is an album for those who sometimes feel like outsiders and identify with Thom Yorke singing: „I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo”. It’s also the soundtrack of dreamers perceiving hidden meanings, secret messages in the real world. From well-known songs, Bartek Wąsik brings out unobvious themes and hunches blossoming in the music. He is guided by his intuition and excellent knowledge of both Radiohead’s work and the various musical genres he has been involved in for years: from folk, through piano classics, to experimental and avant-garde ones. His music evokes the expressiveness of the originals, even if it seems to radically reverse their character.

The first track on the album, Everything In Its Right Place is a declaration: everything is as it should be. Daydreamer is also a tribute to Bartek Wąsik’s beloved instrument – the piano, whose sound in this project surprises with its intense colour palette. It is the musical autograph of this original artist.


Bartek Wąsik – Pianist, composer and arranger, winner of many national and international competitions, the Fryderyk and the Polityka Passport awards. He is a co- founder and member of the Lutosławski Piano Duo and the Kwadrofonik quartet. Wąsik has performed in Europe, Asia and the Americas. At Carnegie Hall and the Chicago Symphony Hall, he presented his own arrangements of Fryderyk Chopin’s works. At the Berlin Philharmonic, together with the Kwadrofonik, he performed his original arrangement of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and songs from the album Folklove – awarded the Folk Phonogram of the Year. His project Nowa Warszawa (recorded with Stanisława Celińska and the Royal String Quartet), featuring 12 newly arranged songs about Warsaw, was enthusiastically received by critics and honored with the Gwarancje Kultury and Wdechy awards. He has collaborated, among others, with Bartek Konopka (the film New Warsaw), Jan Komasa (the show Xenophony), Artur Rojek (Industrial Symphony), Adam Strug (Folk Requiem – awarded the Folk Phonogram of the Year), Katarzyna Nosowska, Ralph Kaminski and Dorota Miśkiewicz (Lutosławski, Tuwim – piosenki nie tylko dla dzieci [Lutosławski, Tuwim – Songs not only for Children] – the album obtained the Gold Record status) and the Stary Theater in Lublin (the project Kocham, Lublin, Szanuję recorded on DVD by FiNA). In 2019, he was curator of the live concert series „Kultura live” on TVP Kultura and creator of the musical setting for the 8th edition of the National Reading. He hosted the series of programmes on Polish Radio Channel 2. Later that year he finished working on Urlicht – the premiere composition for the Kwadrofonik ensemble, which was premiered at the Warsaw Museum of Polish Jews – Polin, during the 5th edition of the Kwadrofonik Festival. Together with the Lutosławski Piano Duo he made recordings for Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne, and on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his ensemble, he played at many European festivals, including the Two Moors (UK), Duetissimo (Belarus), Kontrasty (Ukraine), Sofia Music Weeks (Bulgaria), Prémio Jovens Musicos (Portugal) and in the USA (e.g. at the Kennedy Center in Washington), presenting reconstructions of piano duo recitals Lutosławski / Panufnik from the times of occupied Warsaw. In 2020, together with Mela Koteluk, he composed songs for the album Astronomia poety. Baczyński [Astronomy of the poet. Baczyński], to the poems of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, whose premiere took place in July this year. He is also the originator and performer of his own cycle of piano recitals Pianokrąg, which took place in the summer months at the Sculpture Park of the Królikarnia Palace in Warsaw, featuring piano music by Philip Glass, his own arrangements of Radiohead songs and performance of his project Pianokrąg. The concerts were attended by several thousand of audience and broadcast online.

 qui tutte le indicazioni per il concerto, non è necessario prenotare.


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