Mediolan: Wystawa Ani Bąk

W dniach od 22.06 do 03.09.2022 w Mediolanie na ulicy Giuseppe Pecchio 3 odbywa się wystawa malarska Ani Bąk.

Ania Bąk, Belly – talker, installation view, 2022, eastcontemporary, Milan. Ph: Tiziano Ercoli

Poniżej informacje w języku angielskim nadesłane do Redakcji:

‘Anna Bąk’s artistic practice is a constant movement from inside to outside and outside to inside. The found materials, pigments, fabric scraps and other, more mysterious elements come to light during transformations created by the artist’s body. A body that constantly accumulates information and transforms itself under the influence of its own actions and relations with the matter used in those actions. The extremely sensitive exchange of impulses with the environment, its individual parts, their surface properties, structure, consistency and mutual interactions leads to the emergence of temporary, dynamic landscapes.’

‘When confronted with these works, an insatiable sensual hunger and an irresistible temptation to contact are released from the deeper layers of memory. To lose oneself in physical devotion, rest in an embrace, perish to the outside world and completely sink into what is present. I am unable to recreate the extraordinary intensity of consciousness during which these works were generated. I can visit them, spend time with them, in which I listen to the voice from my gut and the “subject- and object-making dance, and the choreographer is a trickster.” (Donna Haraway, Staying with Trouble, Making Kin in the Chthulucene. Chapter 7. A Curious Practice, p. 127).’

by Jakub Bąk

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